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Company profile

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The company, CHemProtect,a.s. was established in 2007 as a legal entity focusing on the development and sale of products neutralizing the effects caused by the misuse of chemical, biological and radioactive compounds (especially nerve agents).

The Czech Republic is among the most advanced countries for science and research in this field. CHemProtect,a.s. makes it a top priority to preserve and add to that reputation for excellence.

The founders of the company are top experts in the field of development and production of highly efficacious means for chemical and biological defense, and of a broad spectrum of antidotes (AChE reactivators and anticholinergics) and means of decontamination (Hvezda SCH).

The company personnel possess a high level of scientific expertise, and have mastered complex approaches for solutions to the problems posed by weapons of mass destruction. Their network of cooperation includes specialized Czech and foreign laboratories. This is a guarantee of the highest quality of products and services.

Organizational structure

Company director

Ing. František Leifr (MSc.)


Board of directors

Mgr. Filip Behenský (D.C.L.) (Chairman of the board of directors)

Ing. František Leifr (MSc.) (Vice-chairman of the board of directors)

Tomáš Jedlička (Vice-chairman of the board of directors)

Prof. Ing. Bohuslav Doležal, CSc. (Prof., MSc., CSc.) (Member of the board of directors)

Advisory board

Ing. Jozef Povrazník (Chairman of the advisory board)

Kateřina Jelínková (Advisory board member)

Ing. Jiřina Doležalová (MSc.) (Advisory board member)

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